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Vessel Automation

Automated Solutions That Drive Your Maritime Industry

A technology in shipping could help you execute tedious procedures with little to no human assistance. Marine Yacht Electrical And Electronics in Florida designs and delivers smart automation strategies that optimize the efficiency of shipping operations significantly. Thanks to their flexible, robust, and reliable infrastructure, these solutions are easy to maintain and replace as per operational requirements or restraints in the yachting industry itself.

Systems and Subsystems of Vessel Automation

Marine Yacht Electrical and Electronics also services fully autonomous ships with operating systems that automate decision-making systems, with preprogrammed post calculating risks and consequences and safety of the equipment itself. This typically includes the discrete and analog (input/output), communication systems, safety systems, power distribution, and motor control, all are controlled by our programmed PLC modules our technicians ensure all fully tests all equipment that is installed and programmed to ensure the systems is up and running at 100%.

Bringing Onboard Automation with Marine Yacht Electrical And Electronics

Vessel automation enables a better working system at timed intervals aboard your vessel. With Marine Yacht Electrical and Electronics our automation system is followed up by a Marathon monitoring system as feedback to the engineers and captains with the status of all major components aboard the vessel. When used wisely, our automation technology can improve the standard of vessel operation leaving minimal space for human error. Marine Yacht Electrical and Electronics is certified to serve your vessel abroad.

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