Electronics Marine Yacht Electrical and Marine Yacht Electrical and Electronics is your go-to company for any electrical needs onboard a yacht. Whether you’re a sailboat owner or hold the keys to a palatial yacht, you can’t deny that your vessel deserves the best care possible.

What we do

About Marine Yacht Electrical and Electronics

Marine Yacht Electrical and Electronics is a yacht electrical services company operating out of Boca Raton, Florida. We’ve got extensive experience catering to the electrical requirements of the yacht industry. Our work has taken us from working on catamarans and sailboats to super and mega yachts. As long as your vessel has electrical wires, we’ll be there to serve you at a moment’s notice. In addition to dealing with electrical systems, we also provide navigational equipment installs and repairs.



Why Marine Yachts Electrical and Electronics?

The electrical needs of a yacht significantly vary from a land-based abode. When you’re sailing the seas, your vessel is your home. As a result, you don’t want to risk taking any chances with substandard electrical work.

When you contact Marine Yachts Electrical and Electronics, you’re contacting a company that specializes in providing electrical work for the yacht industry. You can rest assured knowing that your vessel is in safe hands.

what we do

Services Offered at Marine Yacht Electrical And Electronics


We deal with all electrical installation on vessels. Our electrical systems are designed to provide a secure supply for loads across the panel boards, motor controllers, and switchgear operations. Our electrical engineers and technicians study your vessel closely to understand the operations it performs and how much load it can take on without Compromising performance.

Entertainment Equipment & Audio

All the entertainment you need to maximize your yacht life is here with Marine Yacht Electrical and Electronics. We design, build, and integrate music, internet, and video equipment for you! We custom make bundle offers to meet the demands of our customers — you’d never have to stick with just one automated control system, distribution system, or amplification system on your vessel.

Navigation and Communication systems

Whether it’s ship-to-ship or ship-to-shore Marine yacht Electric has a filly design and integrated system for your vessel that would give you the satisfaction of communication no matter what time or place your vessel is located. Marine yacht electric will equip your vessel with the latest and greatest equipment making your yachting profession just another day at the office. You will never feel lost at sea in the future when opting for solutions with Marine Yacht Electrical and Electronics.


Marines make use of electronic devices and technology to enable the use of controlled equipment and to measure logistics, such as the pressure on vessels, flow, temperature, and level to name a few. The desire for improved connectivity and integration capabilities are now prevailing, which makes it critical for those within the marine industry to follow the trends to stay competitive.

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Does your vessel need an expert’s touch to ensure it’s ready to sail the seven seas? If that’s the case, we’ve got your back. Marine Yacht Electrical and Electronics is ready to serve you at a moment’s notice. Contact us today for inquiries.