Electronics Marine Yacht Electrical and Marine Yacht Electrical and Electronics is your go-to company for any electrical needs onboard a yacht. Whether you’re a sailboat owner or hold the keys to a palatial yacht, you can’t deny that your vessel deserves the best care possible.


Electrical Systems

Tired of electrical failures on your vessel, we are at your disposal for the overhaul of your electrical installations, change of wiring, installation of new boards, intervention after a fire, and corrosion of connections following electrolysis, and more. We have extensive experience when it comes to the marine industry and all your electrical equipment onboard whether it’s in the engine room with pumps, inverters, transformers, main panels, or switchgear systems or the interior with lighting and all other electrical equipment, we have your vessel covered leaving your vessel with the job done at a professional level and with safety as our main concern and goal.

From power generation, automation, nautical equipment, distribution to consumers, remote control to communication system on a ship, everything relies upon just how great your electrical system is. At Marine Yacht Electrical and Electronics, our expert marine electricians and engineers will install and maintain electrical and systems on your vessel.  This is an integral part of operations that will allow your vessel to operate at a sufficient but also comfortable level.

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Does your vessel need an expert’s touch to ensure it’s ready to sail the seven seas? If that’s the case, we’ve got your back. Marine Yacht Electrical and Electronics is ready to serve you at a moment’s notice. Contact us today for inquiries.